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2666: The Part About The Critics

February 10, 2009

This book is not reading as quickly as I would like. Due to work and class schedules, the only time I have for pleasure reading (where 2666 is currently categorized) is during my hour-long lunch break. I typically tote two PB&J sandwiches to work and eat at my desk, leaving nearly the entire hour devoted to reading, or meandering about the borough if the weather is fine. Most days, especially during the winter, my lunch break is spent at the local Starbucks nursing a tall morning brew coffee (their Pike Place is fairly detestable) and thumbing through a book. I try to reserve my lunch for non-school-related reading to provide a needed break in my day.

Having finally finished the first portion of the book, “The Part About the Critics,” I imagined that I had a good feel of the narrative. Bolaño does a nice job of developing his four primary critics while exploring some side characters at the same time. Benno von Archimboldi is a successfully intriguing absence and I most certainly feel the pull to keep reading.

I must say that I was not surprised by the unraveling of the critic’s love triangle, though there are surely more twists to come in the latter sections–if Bolaño returns to his critics.

Beginning the second section, “The Part about Amalfitano,” I have realized that I don’t know where this novel is going. I’m excited for lunch time.

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  1. February 10, 2009 12:53 pm

    Isn’t is weird that we become English majors (partly) because we love to read so much, and then find ourselves with almost no time to read for pleasure? When you get it all figured out, fill me in.

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