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Morning Brew

February 19, 2009

I am fortunate enough to have a wife that wakes up before me and, in the course of getting ready for her day, grinds the beans and brews a pot of coffee nearly every day. Not being particularly happy about waking, this kind gesture goes a long way toward making getting out of bed manageable.

As of late, we have been enjoying Starbucks’ limited edition Sun Dried Ethiopian Sidamo. The last two mornings, I have forgotten that we have this coffee at home, so taking my first drink in the morning has been a pleasant surprise. This coffee is delicious. According to the package, instead of removing the bean from its fruit before drying, the bean is left to dry in the sun still inside the coffee fruit. Apparently this process is amazing because the coffee has a wonderful hint of cherry in each sip.

While it is not as good as the Aged Sumatra from a few months back, this is certainly a coffee that is worth tasting.

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