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The Unceasing Narrative of Roberto Bolaño

March 10, 2009

From what I can tell, this article published in La Vanguardia reports that a sixth book of Bolaño’s 2666 has been discovered among his papers. The article is in Spanish so I was only able to read it through a BabelFish translation which left much to be desired. It would seem that Bolaño intended to subject the sixth book to extensive editing and reworking before publication but it is said to better wrap up the narrative than the published five books.

I didn’t too carefully read the article because I do not yet want to spoil the plot. I only finished the second book of the heretofore published five yesterday so there’s plenty left for me to enjoy. And perhaps more on the way.

Update: The Guardian has published another article about this very find that is not in Spanish. Apparently what I missed from the Spanish article is that, along with the new 2666 book, two otherwise unknown novels were found among the papers. I’m going to stick with blaming BabelFish instead of my lazy reading.

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  1. kolby permalink
    March 10, 2009 3:03 pm

    This excites me greatly.


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