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2666: Through Part Four

June 9, 2009

Despite my best efforts to remain positive, it was difficult to get through Part Four: The Part About The Crimes.  As can be expected, The Part About The Crimes primarily deals with the crimes that stand at the center of this novel.  Painstakingly, Bolaño recounts murder after murder with the coldness and accuracy of a investigative coroner.

Never a fan of violence, this section was laborious and long.  Not until the reader nears the end of this portion does the plot seem to creep forward.  Luckily, these plot developments happened just as I was losing heart and steam.

Though probably unfair to the novel and Mr. Bolaño, I am hurredly progressing through the closing book of 2666 in an effort to free up my summer for Infinite Jest.  Let’s see if I can finish before June 22nd.

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