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2666: Finished

June 22, 2009

On Friday, I was finally able to finish reading 2666.  I was forced to hurry through Part 5 in order to start the Infinite Summer on time, but I don’t feel as if I’ve slighted Bolaño at all.  After finishing the novel, I was surprised at how much Kolby’s experience (from a comment on my first entry regarding 2666) predicted my own.  I certainly cannot say that I enjoyed every moment of reading this work, but the overall experience was thrilling.  As if I have finished a long run, I’m very glad to have read this novel.

Though a few days have passed, I still cannot succinctly describe the purpose, plot, or point of 2666 beyond the simply fact that it is an enjoyable and profitable read.  I was under the impression that the novel never concludes, in the traditional sense, but I found that Part Five nicely wrapped up the novel.  The afterword from the publisher makes the claim that they are certain that the novel they published is almost exactly what Roberto Bolaño intended and the publisher was certain that his work was finished.  To the contrary, others believe they have discovered a sixth part of 2666 among Bolaño’s papers.  I would certainly, given the time, read more from this author.

Now onward to the Infinite Summer.

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