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The Infinite Summer Lags and Summer Marital Bliss

July 9, 2009

Due to holiday/wedding travels and other incursions (though certainly welcomed) into my normal read-at-lunch routine, I am nearly a week behind in the Infinite Summer reading marathon.  According to the schedule, I was to have read through page 168 on Friday but, today is the following Thursday, and I have only read up to page 160.  Never fear!  I will be flying to Arkansas this weekend with a layover in Atlanta so there is sure to be plenty of time to play catch up between flight attendant interruptions and warnings to report any suspicious packages or people.   While some sections have proved laborious–DFW’s toying with what seems to be AAVE–others have been a joy to read.  I have rarely read a book that causes me to laugh aloud as frequently as Infinite Jest has up to this point.

Though attending a wedding in Toledo this weekend may have interrupted my reading, it was completely worth it.  Sean and Jolie’s wedding was incredible.  The two of them have great musical taste (plus they’re just good people) so there was no surprise that the music of the ceremony was delightful–a fantastic violin with piano accompaniment–and the great presentation of pictures of the two of them together was accompanied by appropriately great music.  There’s nothing like attending a wedding of friends to remind me how lucky I am to have the wonderful wife that I have. Thanks for being married to me for almost two years!

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