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Today in Literature

July 21, 2009

21 July 1899: Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois.  On a personal note, Hemingway is the reason I began to dabble in the study of Post-WWII fiction and the first author to force me to sit up and marvel at the power of words.  Among my favorite works by Hemingway are “The Killers” and “Hills Like White Elephants” and, of course, the Nick Adams stories.  While he was not a flawless author (many of his short stories and novels are much less than stellar) he had frequent moments of brilliance and, to me, captured the zeitgeist beautifully and completely.  From the lavish life of American expatriates in Europe to the daring experiences of Spanish bullfighters, Hemingway portrays a lifestyle brilliantly.

Happy birthday, Mr. Hemingway.

Also of import:

21 July 2007: My beautiful wife, Jenna, told our friends and families that she liked me enough to keep me around, pretty much forever.  Over the last two years (and well before then, too) she has made every single day better than it would have been without her.  She has been endlessly supportive of my goals and aspirations and has seemingly tireless patience for the areas of me that we are working to make better.  I know for certain that I am a much better person for knowing her and having her love me; I daily thank God for blessing me with my beautiful wife and our marriage. Happy anniversary, Jenna–I love you.

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