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DeLillo Adapted to Film

July 28, 2009

As has been reported widely all acoss the internets, David Cronenberg is moving toward adapting Don DeLillo’s novel Cosmopolis for film.  Along with this project, a film version of DeLillo’s second novel, End Zone, is in production starring Josh Hartnett as Gary Harkness–the protagonist runningback featured in DeLillo’s narrative of paranoia, football, and nuclear war.

Though it may deserve a second reading (and weighing in at only 224 pages, it wouldn’t be a massive undertaking), I did not much care for Cosmopolis.  The concept–a 28 year old multibillionaire traveling across Manhattan in his limo to get a haircut and the various troubles and impediments he encounters–is intriguing enough but I feel that the book falls flat at times, though you may certainly disagree with me.  Despite my general dislike of the book, I feel like it may make a quite good film.  The narrative nicely follows Aristotle’s classical unities and–unlike other DeLillo works–can most likely be well covered in the space of one film.  Hang-ups aside, I’ll surely be watching out for its release.

If directors would consider my opinion, I’d much rather see an adaptation of White Noise, Libra, or (despite its length) Underworld–or perhaps just “Pafko at the Wall,” Underworld‘s prologue.  Either of these works weave a much more compelling story that, I think, would better draw in an audience.

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